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From Padres to Royal Weddings: Both Could Use a Little More Brown.

How one local organization is campaigning to bring back the old-school Padres color

Brown is the new black—or in this case, the new blue. There’s a group of hipsters/Padres fans who have started a movement to bring back the brown Padres uniforms—the uniforms they wore in their glory days (and on a little a trip to the World Series in 1984).

Now, I’m going to get in trouble for saying this…but I’ve never been to a Padres game. Not because I don’t like baseball, but because no one’s invited me, and frankly, I just don’t think about it as an activity. So, I didn’t know the uniforms had changed over the years.

I asked David Lizarraga, the PR guy for PR graphic design and apparel design company Product Etcetera, why it’s so important to him and his organization to Bring Back the Brown. They want to convince the owners of the Padres to change the uniforms back to their old-school brown; he explains that it’s an effort to help San Diegans feel empowered and excited again about their home team. And: “Friars wear brown, not navy blue,” Lizarraga says—true dat.

I don’t wear any navy blue except for jeans. I never wear baby blue, the Chargers colors, which Lizarraga says are very popular. I do own a lot of brown though. Brown is a functional color. It goes well with tan, black, red, navy, white…it’s a hot color for summer sandals this year…I’m behind this whole Bring Back the Brown campaign. 

Honestly, I thought Lizarraga was talking about people when I first read his press release. I thought, San Diego is a pretty white town; maybe we do need to bring back the brown people. Where did they all go? I don't know about you, but I didn't see a single brown person involved with the royal wedding...not a guest, a royal, not a Brit... Lizarraga, who is Mexican and admits that San Diego is kind of a white city, says the folks involved with his movement are not speaking of race, but the color of the uniforms.

If you’d like to attend the May 6th game and sit with the BBTB crowd, contact Padres’ Ticket Agent Chris at 619.795.5136 and tell him the keyword: "Brown lovers"—He will sit fans as close as possible to the main group of BBTB. Ticket costs are $18 and in the Toyota Terrace Level. And make sure you wear brown, as it's a "Crowd in Brown" event. Also, during any home game Lolita's Mexican Restaurant on 202 Park Blvd., is honoring 10% off orders 2 hours before, during, and 1 hour after the game for wearing brown and mentioning the campaign. If you have questions you can tweet David at @davidelizarraga, @backthebrownsd, or sign their petition here.

What do you think of the Padres uniforms? And you can now refer to me as your royal highness...