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Diary of a Style Editor: Another Weekend, Another Birthday.

Fashion, food, and a bit too much prosecco.

I swear, not every weekend is this busy, but this one was my birthday.

Friday: I chose to give myself the gift of henna. I was in India two years ago, and for some reason I didn’t get it done there. So this was to be the year. I researched and found San Diego Henna. I discovered that owner Tejal Shaw does henna for a huge number of women in San Diego before their big wedding day. She did a beautiful design on both of my hands. The look of it is stunningly beautiful, sensual, and it absolutely felt like the right decision for me. However, according to the look on my son’s face, he clearly thought I had completely lost my mind…he’s 16, so isn’t that what he’s supposed to think?

Next up, birthday dinner at Bencotto in Little Italy. My dad and I had the squid ink pasta with shrimp, and my son had the pumpkin ravioli. All of it was out-of-this-world delish.

Saturday: Started my day with a visit to Stu Seagall studio for their big clothing sale. After trying on a million things, I found a great lilac pencil skirt for $15. Yay! Drove out to Cardiff to pick up my Hudson jeans, which make my butt look a lot better than it looks in real life, and tried the new Sambazon spot. I wasn’t that impressed with the Acai bowl...So-so.

Next up, a girls birthday party at El Camino in Little Italy. Ten of us had margaritas and nachos, and forced ourselves to stay up till the dee-jay started at 10. Now, my friends are all in their forties, so we’ve been to a lot of dinners, book club meetings, shopping events, and birthday lunches, but we’ve never all gone out dancing. We had a blast! Still on a high, we made our way over to Club Boudoir for a nightcap, said hi to Daniella Deviant, the S & M diva that works there. She kindly offered to give me a birthday spanking. I declined. I went home and collapsed.

Sunday: I had brunch at Eden. It was packed, fun, and filled with sleepy people like myself. I tried the fried chicken and waffles, which were amazing. Most people were drinking mimosas; I had coffee. After El Camino, I won’t be drinking again for a while.

Ended the weekend with a huge walk at Torrey Pines and then dinner at home, watching the Oscar’s.