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Slick Summer Shades From 5&A Dime

Our August issue featured five options for summer and fall sunglasses hand-picked by Heather Feemster, but these Knockaround shades from 5&A Dime are my pick for summer sunnies. The new color options include lavender and aqua (pictured above), which reminds me of a shimmering swimming pool, plus signature "Bring Back the Brown" Fort Knocks shades with brown frames and golden yellow lenses. The Fort Knocks sunglasses were designed as part of 5&A Dime's effort to persuade the Padres to reinstate their brown uniforms and come with an embroidered patch.

I love that these sunglasses are trendy, but don't go so far into hipster category that they'll be out of style in two weeks. Best of all, the aqua shades are only $14, and the brown shades are $35.

While we're on the subject of bargain shades, how much are you willing to pay for a new pair of sunglasses? Weigh in on our poll.