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Fashionable Golf Clothing from Vivacity Sportswear

The question is can the traditional look of golf wear be made more hip?

Biotech maven Vivian Sayward says yes. Sayward discovered a passion for golf on her honeymoon nine years ago, but what struck her most about golf wasn’t just her lack of skills, but the lack of choices of what to wear while she played.

So, Sayward brought together a team of like-minded local women, including clothing designer Deborah White and Jo Ann Jack as director of merchandising, to help her with her goal of revolutionizing the options of golf apparel for women.

Vivacity Sportswear launched last week, at the elegant La Valencia Hotel in La Jolla. Sayward describes the line as a high-end clothing collection designed in the hopes of being both feminine and trendy enough to take lady golfers from the greens to dinner out.

 “Golf clothing has traditionally always been designed for men, and as a result, it’s not flattering to women. Elastic waistbands, and argyle patterns are not what women who follow fashion have any interest in wearing,” Sayward says.

Different from the usual golf outfits, Vivacity offers stretch fabrics, mini-skirts, ankle-length trousers, paper-thin long sleeve tees, blouses with side-panel ruching, and long vests. Many of Vivacity's pieces are adorned with Swarovski crystal zippers and brooches.  The line also offers faux-fur wraps, and delicate snakeskin print clutches that work on and off the green, doubling as handbags and tee/golf ball holders.

Vivacity may have the best of intentions in trying to update the options for women who love to golf. But it’s an old school, good-old boys playground, based in tradition and dress codes are a huge part of that. Besides, women who play golf are athletes. So, above and beyond fashion, the clothing needs to be functional.

Vivacity lacks pockets and skorts, and although the Swarovski details are great, faux-fur wraps, fluffy feather collars, and cutesy wristlets seem somewhat ridiculous on a golf course.  Who knows though, no one would have believed tennis fashions would change, and look at the Williams sisters.

Photos by Hannah Armour