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British Style Takeover Hits Del Mar Opening Day

Stylish San Diegans sported everything from top hats to fascintators at Opening Day at the Del Mar Racetrack.

Sporting fascinators, top hats, derbies, floppy sunbonnets, and structured wide brims, San Diego women leaped off their safe fashion limbs with abandon, at Opening Day at the Del Mar racetrack.

Though princess Katherine was not in attendance, her presence was felt in absentia. In years past, rarely was a fascinator ever seen, and the going hat style was always bigger equals better. This year small was all the rage. My favorite hat looks were those that seemed to fit the personality of the girl wearing them---often the hat and dress didn’t fit together or one detracted from the other.

Finding a hat that really works with who you are, what you’re wearing, and is flattering isn’t all that easy, but these are my picks for standout hats and the women bold and savvy enough to figure out the perfect combination.