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5 Questions for Danielle Mottale, Local Jewelery Designer

I met mom and jewelry designer Danielle Mottale at school event for our kids; I was impressed by her very hot Da Nang shoes. We struck up a conversation and I learned of her part-time job making and designing very high-end jewelry. When I saw her work, I was blown away and very covetous. I sat down with the low-key design diva, at her beautiful Spanish style house over-looking the La Jolla coastline to ask her a few questions about her beautiful jewelry line. 

How did you get started?

I stumbled upon jewelry totally by chance. I needed a job in San Diego, so a friend of a friend had some connections in the Jewelry Exchange, and got me what I thought would be a temporary job. I learned the business, worked for a wholesaler, and started doing my own thing.

What's your inspiration?

I don't have a defined "style". I like simple elegance with a twist of flare. I was always attracted to beautiful things, well-made things--art, fashion, jewelry, and decor. I believe style is a personal expression of one's self. There is SO much "stuff" out there, so the possibilities are endless. You don't necessarily need to be wealthy in order to look amazing. I love mixing unlikely things, like expensive with inexpensive, old with new, and costume with real. I always enjoy great shoes and purses. The trick is to know yourself well and be honest about what does and does not look good on you.

L-R: Classic radiant cut diamond engagement white gold $8,000; Platinum pave ring with Pink/Brown GIA pear shape diamond--all handmade $12,000; White gold cushion cut diamond engagement ring $8,000 - Photos by Danielle Mottale

What is your design philosophy for jewelry?

My general philosophy on jewelry, like all other material things is: Objects are beautiful, and should be enjoyed, worn and lived in. I believe fine jewelry can be worn with jeans as well as evening gowns. There are very few rules anymore about what is acceptable or not. Jewelry can be a token of eternal love, friendship, an heirloom you want to pass on to your children, or a financial investment.

How have styles changed a lot in the last few years?

Technically things have changed since I have started in this business. Laser technology and computers help to aid design and manufacturing, but there is always the beauty and craftsmanship of the people hand making jewelry, and I don't think that will ever go away--hopefully.

Even the promise ring?

The traditional engagement ring is still alive and well, women want, and expect to receive them. I believe some traditions will never be broken, and that is not necessarily a bad thing.

If you’re interested in making the investment or treating yourself to something wonderful contact Danielle at  daniellemco@aol.com