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6 Questions with Out Actor/Writer/Producer Ronnie Kerr

Aaron Heier welcomes Ronnie Kerr to San Diego in this candid Q & A.

You’re probably staring at the picture to left thinking, “Hey, that guy looks familiar” or “Wait, I’ve seen that guy on TV before.” Well, you’d be right. That handsome mug belongs to Ron Smith aka Ronnie Kerr, an out and proud 37-year-young actor-writer-producer who’s very recently decided to call San Diego home.

Kerrdog, a college nickname he earned for being feisty on the sports field, moved to America’s Finest City to enjoy the wonderful Southern California lifestyle and continue making movies through his production company, Kerrdog Productions. Ronnie has quite a lineage on both the small and big screens, from his start in B-movie action flicks like “Absolute Aggression” and “Cyber Vengeance” to guest appearances on “NYPD Blue” “Sister, Sister” and “V.I.P.” to a recurring role on “One Life To Live” to feature films “Regarding Billy” and “Shut Up & Kiss Me,” the latter of which he also wrote and produced. Constantly working in overdrive, he stays fit by dabbling as a personal trainer on the side. And, he’s getting ready to start production on two new feature films, “Gym Bunnies” a comedy about the antics of gay men at the gym, and “Safe Word,” a provocative thriller that will be shot entirely in San Diego.

Ronnie took some time out of his busy schedule to chat with me about landing in San Diego, his career and upcoming projects. Here’s what you should know about Ronnie Kerr.

Aaron: You've been a TV and movie actor for 15+ years. Have you ever done theater and is there a role in any stage production that you'd love to tackle?

Ronnie: Yes, I have done a lot of off-Broadway theater back in New York City. Personally, I would love to do a musical. It’s something I have never done. The theater I've done has been heavy dramas.

Aaron: You just moved to San Diego a little over a month ago. What's your favorite thing about America's Finest City so far?

Ronnie: I love where I live in Cortez Hill. It’s so beautiful. If I look one way I see the harbor, if I look the other I can see into Petco Park. It’s pretty awesome. I also love to walk through Little Italy and check out new restaurants.

Aaron: Will you be getting involved with local charities and, if so, what cause is near and dear to your heart?

Ronnie: I do plan to get involved in some local charities, specifically those helping gay and lesbian youth. 

Aaron: Given your career & line of work, why did you choose San Diego and not somewhere like Los Angeles or New York City?

Ronnie: I have lived in both LA and NYC and wanted to be in a city with great people and amazing weather. I’ve opened my own production company, Kerrdog Productions, and plan on calling the shots. So, I figured San Diego was a great place to set-up shop.

Aaron: What's one secret about you that even your closest friends would be surprised to learn?

Ronnie: My friends know pretty much everything about me. But, most people would be surprised at the amount of junk food I eat. I love junk food, which is the main reason why I work out so much.  

Aaron: You're get ready to start two new feature film projects, one of which is "Gym Bunnies." What's the movie about and will it be filmed here in San Diego?  

Ronnie: The movie is a comedy about working in a gym and all the hilarity that ensues. There are also some provocative sexual escapades that take place. It will appeal to both straight and gay audiences. I’m hopeful that we can shoot in San Diego, but this film is very location-specific so that may not be possible. I can say that the second film we are doing, "Safe Word" which is a thriller, will film entirely in San Diego.


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