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Going Whale Watching in San Diego?

Here's the Hornblower whale report from the past few days

Photo by Travis Ord Photography

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January 30, 2017

Morning Cruise

Sightings: 4 Gray whales, 1 Humpback, 300+ Common dolphins

A beautiful start to the day. We quickly spotted two pairs of Gray Whales. The first pair was 2 large adults that fluked regularly. We also came across a few hundred very playful common dolphins all around the boat and a Humpback Whale that breached for us.

Afternoon Cruise

Sightings: 9 Gray whales, 1 Humpback, 300+ Common dolphins

We headed west & were rewarded with a group of 9 Gray whales that were traveling slowly, spouting & tail fluking together. Guests enjoyed great views. As we headed in, we came across the same Humpback we spotted in the morning and a large group of Common dolphins.


January 29, 2017

Morning Cruise

Sightings: 3 Gray whales, 10 Pacific White-sided dolphins

We had a great day on the water. We saw 3 Gray whales and many flukes. There were Pacific White-sided Dolphins and California sea lions playing near the whales.

Afternoon Cruise

Sightings: 5 Grays, 1 Humpback, 500 Common, 10 Pacific White-sided, 10 Bottlenose dolphins

We had a spectacularly clear day, water was a deep blue, and we had our first sighting of a Gray whale just outside the bay. We were visited by dolphins; Pacific White-sided, Bottlenose & Common Dolphins. We spotted a Humpback then a group of 3 Gray whales displaying courtship behavior.


January 28, 2017

Morning Cruise

Sightings: 1 Humpback whale, 1 Gray whale, 2,500 Common dolphins

Our whale sightings continue with a Humpback and a Gray whale spotted after leaving San Diego Bay. We then found the same huge, playful, mega-pod of Common dolphins from yesterday.

Afternoon Cruise

Sightings: 1 Humpback whale, 2 Gray whales, 300 Pacific White-sided dolphins

Awesome afternoon! We began our trip with a blast by watching a breaching & tail-slapping Humpback whale. We then spotted 2 Gray whales and about 300 Pacific White-sided dolphins.


January 27, 2017

Morning Cruise

Sightings: 3 Gray whales, 1 Fin whale, 1,000+ Common dolphins, 10 Pacific White-sided dolphins

Just outside of the Bay we spotted 2 Gray whales, an adult & juvenile, which we followed for a half hour. Further out we spotted a mixed group of Common and Pacific White-sided dolphins. Heading back in the Bay we spotted a quickly moving Fin Whale.

Afternoon Cruise

Sightings: 1 Gray whale, 1 Humpback whale, 3,000+ Common dolphins

We began our trip with a Gray whale for about 30 minutes. Captain spotted another blow, a Humpback diligently feeding. Soon a mega-pod of Common dolphins came splashing toward us. We were surrounded by more than 3,000 dolphins! At one point at least 20 dolphins were riding our bow. A stunning & overwhelming experience!


January 26, 2017

Morning Cruise

Sightings: 2 Gray whales, 50 Common dolphins

Another beautiful, sunny morning perfect for Whale Watching! Captain Eric found us 2 southbound Gray whales. Guests also enjoyed watching more than 50 Common dolphins.

Afternoon Cruise

Sightings: 3 Humpback whales, 100+ Common dolphins, 10 Pacific White-sided dolphins

Still sunny and clear, but chilly as we headed out to find whales. While we didn’t find Gray whales, we did find 3 magnificent Humpbacks that showed us their flukes. We also spotted Common dolphins & Pacific White-sided dolphins.

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