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Whale Watching in San Diego

Here's the Hornblower whale report from the past few days

Photo by Travis Ord Photography

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March 20, 2017

Morning Cruise

Sightings: 3 Gray Whales, 1000+ Common Dolphins, 1 Mola mola, 1 Thresher Shark

We found 3 Gray whales displaying mating & courtship behavior. We then enjoyed watching a mega-herd of Common Dolphins. To round out the trip, we spotted a Mola mola (Ocean Sunfish) basking at the surface and even a Thresher Shark.

Afternoon Cruise

Sightings: 2 Gray Whales, 1000+ Common Dolphins

We headed out west to find the huge group of Common dolphins. Before heading back in to the bay, we spotted a pair of Gray whales that gave us some great views & even a close breach.


March 19, 2017

Morning Cruise

Sightings: 4 Gray Whales, 1000+ Common Dolphins

We headed out to find 4 Gray whales that remained near the boat & gave everyone great looks. Later, we found a mega-herd of Common dolphins, which is always lots of fun to watch!

Afternoon Cruise

Sightings: 3 Gray Whales, 500+ Common Dolphins

Captain headed the boat out west again this afternoon and we spotted 3 individual Gray whales, all traveling north. We also came across another huge group of Common dolphins.


March 18, 2017

Morning Cruise

Sightings: 5 Gray Whales, 3 Bottlenose Dolphins

In spite of a foggy beginning to the morning, Captain managed to find 3 northbound Gray whales. We also spotted a few Bottlenose dolphins within the Bay.

Afternoon Cruise

Sightings: 3 Gray Whales, 50+ Common Dolphins

All guests enjoyed watching a trio of Gray whales along with about 50 playful and acrobatic Common dolphins.


March 17, 2017

Morning Cruise

Sightings: 6 Gray Whales, 50+ Pacific White-sided Dolphins, 200+ Common Dolphins

We spotted 6 adult Gray whales traveling together early in the trip. After a while, we traveled farther out to find a group of Pacific White-sided dolphins & large herd of common dolphins.

Afternoon Cruise

Sightings: 50+ Common Dolphins

The fog rolled in so poor visibility for most of the cruise. We spotted small blows in the distance, but weren't able to get any close looks. We found 50+ dolphins for a nice viewing.


March 16, 2017

Morning Cruise

Sightings: 1 Gray Whale, 10 Pacific White-sided Dolphins, 500+ Common Dolphins

We headed west & spent some time watching a herd of common dolphins - leaping, bowriding & surfing along with a small pod of Pacific White-sided dolphins. We briefly spotted a juvenile Gray whale on the way in.

Afternoon Cruise

Sightings: 2 Gray Whales

Just as we approached the ocean by Pt. Loma, we spotted 2 Gray whales. One was a small juvenile and the second was much larger adult that swam right by the boat.


March 15, 2017

Morning Cruise

Sightings: 3 Gray Whales, 10 Pacific White-sided Dolphins, 20-30 False Killer Whales

In spite of heavy fog, captain managed to find 3 Gray whales. The real excitement was spending time with a pod of false-killer whales! We spent more than an hour watching these rarely-spotted whales until we had to head back in. What an exciting morning!

Afternoon Cruise

Sightings: 4 Gray Whales, 100+ Common Dolphins

This afternoon we were limited by fog, but Captain managed to find 4 Gray whales — a single juvenile and 3 adults displaying courtship behavior including a breach! We also enjoyed a herd of 100+ playful Common dolphins!

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