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Sponsor Post: 3 Ways to Save Money by Recycling

Start a recycling program and watch how it pays

PHOTO BY: Mikhail Zahranichny

When you first start a recycling program in your home or workplace, you may not think about how recycling saves money. In fact, it might seem like recycling costs money! After all, you may need to pay for recycling containers, not to mention items to educate your employees when starting a workplace recycling program. However, even though you may not see from the start how recycling can save you money, it really does. Here are just three ways:

Decreased taxes

Waste disposal programs are expensive, and they can be a big factor in how much you pay in taxes to your city or county. When you recycle, your city's recycling program can actually make money, which lowers the taxes you pay for waste management and disposal. One recent study showed that recycling generates about $200 million a year in sales tax revenue, as well.

More awareness

A home recycling program will make you and your family generally more aware of how much trash you're generating and what you can do to cut back on the amount of trash you generate. When you recycle, you may be more likely to choose reusable items over disposable ones, which saves money in the long run. Plus, you're more likely to shop smart by purchasing items that come wrapped up in less packaging, which end up being cheaper as well.

Recycling payoff

In many areas, you can actually get paid to recycle. If your community has a drop-off center that pays for recyclable items, you can actually make money back on these items. The Miramar Recycling Center in San Diego pays a California Redemption Value for plastic, glass, aluminum, and steel beverage containers that come with a California Redemption Value charge!

Saving money through recycling is helpful for your pocketbook and the environment! These are just three simple ways you can save while you recycle.

About Recycle San Diego

Recycle San Diego is the area’s preeminent provider of recycling services, including electronics recycling, battery recycling, ewaste drop-off and pickup services and business waste management. Recycle San Diego also offers ewaste collection events, hard drive destruction and paper shredding services. Learn more at RecycleSanDiego.org.

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