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Food and Drink

Restaurant reviews and food trends in San Diego

Hello, Up There...

Rules for safe cell phone use on a plane.

Santa Monica

Postcard from Santa Monica. You would like Santa Monica. Remember you were trying to explain to Dad...


The Chrysler 300C is a pretty surprise.

Hot Stuff

Fishy business in Hillcrest; tasty news for chef wannabes; and an appetite for Restaurant Week.

A Force of Nature

A preview of the 2006 San Diego Opera season, highlighted by an operatic force.

Life's a Circus

Spirited Staging

A spirited staging at the Rep; Aquila's spin on a Bard classic.

Vegas, Covered

Vegas for guys and gals; San Diego at its best.

Amarin Thai

Uncovering two Asian culinary gems--Amarin Thai and Kyoto Sushi--in San Diego's Midway District.

Beat the Streets

Some savvy San Diego commuters are getting out from behind the wheel--and really taking the driver's seat.

George Hauer

One of the more familiar names and faces on the local dining scene, restaurateur George Hauer raised the bar for fine dining with his George's at the Cove in La Jolla.

Interview with a Novelist

Renowned writer Anne Rice shares her thoughts on Hurricane Katrina, living in San Diego and the recent rediscovery of her own spirituality

The Duke of Err

Randy Cunningham’s military brethren find him to be a high-flying hypocrite of the worst stripe in taking bribes and potentially putting U.S. armed forces in harm’s way.

The Parkinson's Puzzle

San Diego has an estimated 15,000 patients battling Parkinson's disease--and some of the best neurological scientists in the world working to find better treatments and a cure.

San Diego's 2006 Economic Outlook

The cooling real estate market may be a drag on the economy in the coming year, but the long-term problem facing San Diego is a lack of skilled workers.

Ceramics 101

Rob Machado

A passion for music stokes pro surfer Rob Machado's philanthropic spirit.

Wine Review

A review of Cambria Pinot Noir Clone 23, Clone 115 and Clone 667 (2002).

T.V. Torture

Do not, under any circumstances, buy an Apex brand television set. They don’t belong on retail shelves. Herewith, a consumer’s run-in with an incompetent company offering woeful customer service.

January 2006

Cleaning up after Mike Aguirre; starstruck in the Valley; and cost accounting in the mayor's race.