Beer of the Week: PB AleHouse St. Sideburn

If you're going to drink only one more holiday beer in 2011, make it this one

Belgian Winter Ale (8.8% ABV)

Grab one more holiday ale before bidding adieu to 2011. I don’t know about facial hair, but with its high ABV and assertive flavor, St. Sideburn is bound to put some hair on your chest. Auld acquaintances shall, indeed, be forgotten. The beer is a cherrywood color with a medium-body. Flavors of black cherry, juniper and mace come on strong along with a bitterness akin to gentian (an herb used to make bitters). Easily one of the most complex beers being served in pilsnery, pale ale-rich PB.

Available at: Snap a photo of you enjoying it and the best December weather on the planet on PB AleHouse’s upstairs outdoor deck

Pair it with: This robust holiday house brew will overshadow most dishes. Order the shepherd’s pie and pit hearty versus hearty. The fruit and spice notes of the beer work with the pie’s spiced lamb filling. Eat up, for January marks the official start of diet season.

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