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50 People to Watch: A Quiz!

A teaser quiz to learn more about this year's 50 People to Watch list


So Senior Editor Erin Meanley beat me this afternoon at lunch (ME!) when our staff gave us a little quiz about the 50 People to Watch list we just sent to the printer in our January issue last night. I think the quiz writers were biased ... or that I was just too excited about the party (details announced TODAY!) to remember all the details of the story.

Without giving away too much (grab the issue on newsstands December 23rd), here's a little sneak-peak quiz on this year's list.



San Diego Magazine's 50 People to Watch 2012: A Quiz That I Lost Today

1. Which person was two hours late to their photo shoot?

A) The actress  B) The celebrity chef  C) The pro golfer  D) The billionaire

2. How long did it take our creative team to get back across the border after shooting one of our subjects in Mexico?

A) 2 hours B) 8 hours C) We didn’t dare cross the border!

3. How many publicists did I get bulldozed by and eventually cave in to by accommodating a request to include a certain detail by their client?

A) 0 B) 1 C) 17

4. How many publicists officially hate our editorial team because we did not cave to their requests or include their clients in our list?

A) 5  B) 100  C) Countless

5. How many words of interview transcriptions did we cull and condense to get to the final 5,000 word feature?

A) 10,000 B) 20,000 C) 25,000+

6. How many sets of siblings are on the list?

A) 1  B) 2  C) 3



1. A, but it wasn't her fault! We still love her to death.

2. A, but the photo was worth it!

3. B, and I’m still bitter about it. #Insearchofaruthlessassistanttotakeallmycalls 

4. C, and we’re proud of it!

5. C, with the credit to Laurie Nicoud for keeping us in word-count check

6. C, and none of them are twins.

*Come meet all of these folks at the 50 People to Watch party at Hotel Palomar on Jan 20, and be sure to look for the issue on newsstands December 23rd!

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