Entertaining Alfresco: Tips From Our Model Bloggers!

In the April 2011 issue, we invited four local style bloggers to a picnic in Presidio Park. We asked them for their spring entertaining ideas. Take a tip from them, and then check out their fabulous blogs! 

Kelley Lillien, 31

Blog: blog.mrslilien.com

Spring entertaining tip: “Dress up your cocktails! Adding special accoutrements to your elixirs makes for happy sipping. Whether it's a fun straw, a monogrammed swizzle stick, or a plastic monkey, a well-dressed drink is a lovely addition to a delightful spring soiree!”

Julia Wheeler, 29

Blog: sandiegosongbirds.blogspot.com

Spring entertaining tip: “Forgo paper and plastic plates—put out the good stuff. It’s better for the environment, and more memorable. But if you must go disposable, I like bamboo because it’s bio-degradable.”

Heather Feemster, 40

Blog: Lafeem.blogspot.com

Spring entertaining tip: “If you’re the hostess, wear a fresh flower in your hair. Try a camellia or orchid. You’ll stand out when you greet your guests in style.”

Alexis Garrett, 31

Blog: fernandfeather.com

Spring entertaining tip: “If you’re throwing a picnic party, take a quilt and hang it over a tree branch—it will make a colorful backdrop for the party. You can also hang lanterns in a tree!”


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March 1-4

March's first weekend means First Friday Films and the start of wedding season with the US Grant's 4th annual bridal showcase, Love, Etc.

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