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Brian Devine

Brian DevineWORKING WITH ANIMALSusually isn’t reserved for an individual holding an economics degree from Georgetown University. But Devine is the numbers man leading the Petco pack as president and chief executive officer. Though the education is necessary for survival in the business arena, the paper training of a degree doesn’t go far in the animal kingdom. But don’t question his wildlife prowess. The man is well versed in creature features, and he finds the peregrine falcon most endearing.

Q: If you could have dinner with three people throughout history, whom would you invite?

A: John Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Malcolm X.

Q: Who should have been named as Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year”?
A: Not Bono.

Q: If you could have one superpower, which would you choose?
A: Flying; I wouldn’t have to go through security anymore.

Q: What cartoon character do you most resemble?
A: Papa Smurf.

Q: If forced to sing karaoke, what song do you pick?
A: “Mack the Knife.” It’s an old Bobby Darin song I used to sing to my wife.

Q: If you could rid the Earth of one thing what would it be?
A: Ignorance, which should lead to the end of a list of other evils.

Q: Are you generally overdressed or underdressed at a party?
A: Underdressed for sure. I’m a sweater-and-jacket kind of guy.


Author/Writer: John Le Carré

Cocktail/Beer: The Silver Bullet

Book: Catch-22

Car: Lexus LS430

Commercial: Mean Joe Green Coke commercial

Date/Day: June 13 (married 42-plus years)

Movie: Galaxy Quest

CD/Band: Maggot Brain by The Funkadelics

Possession: Wine collection

San Diego Beach: Cardiff

Local Radio Station: FM 94.9

San Diego Restaurant: Pamplemousse Grille

Sheets: Ralph Lauren

Shoes: Santoni

Sports Team: Padres

Athlete: Muhammad Ali

Superhero: Batman

Would You Rather. . .

. . . eat crickets or a can of Alpo?
It will make the Alpo people unhappy, but probably the crickets.

. . . be confronted by an inland taipan snake in a room or a lawsuit in court?
Unless I have a weapon, give me a lawsuit in court. I’ll just hire good lawyers.

. . . swim with sharks or run with bulls?
If they’re nurse sharks, I’ll swim with the sharks. If they’re great whites, I’ll run with the bulls.

. . . ride an ostrich or be chased by one?
Giddy up. I’d rather ride it.

. . . be in the red from a business standpoint or eat shellfish in red tide?
I’ll have a business in the red. I can solve that problem.

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