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One fascinating aspect of Fleetwood Mac is the conflicted nature of Lindsay Buckingham. An unlikely artiste in a super-popular band, Buckingham pushes his bandmates, including former lover Stevie Nicks, into musical waters uncharted by groups with mass appeal. Buckingham’s artsy defiance, at times almost fatalistic, surfaced in 1977, after the monster success of Rumors, when he led the band down a risky road. The result was Tusk, an off-kilter double album that got mixed reviews but has grown in regard. It sold 5 million copies, and that spurred Buckingham to follow his idiosyncratic muse rather than the commercial advice of agents, managers or friends. Still, as quirkily brilliant as Buckingham is as musician, writer and producer——and given Nicks’ charismatic voice and looks——Fleetwood Mac has maintained uber-group status because of the chemistry among Buckingham, Nicks, Christine McVie, John McVie and Mick Fleetwood. Since 1975, the group has produced some of the most enticing pop-rock ever, an exquisite blend of ethereal and kick-ass. Somehow, through differences, divorces and drugs, Fleetwood Mac never breaks the chain. One major link, however, is absent. Christine McVie, who moved back to England, is missed because she provided an emotional buffer amid the intensity and gamesmanship between Buckingham and Nicks. Regardless, a Fleetwood Mac show is a must. So take your eyes off the beguiling Nicks and watch Buckingham, who may be conflicted over his rock-star status but brightens concerts with dazzling picking, manic vocals, sardonic wit and a passion for music. (June 22 at 8, Coors Amphitheatre, 2050 Entertainment Circle, Chula Vista, 619-671-3600;

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