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July 1999

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Grading San Diego High Schools

Parents always worry about their children getting the “best” education. Is your neighborhood high school one of the better ones?

Del Mar? You Bet.

What’s new is what’s old where the surf meets the turf. As racing season approaches, get ready to relive glory days at the greatest Thoroughbred track in the world.

Dinosaur Dads

These late-blooming fathers are having children late in life, and—for the most part—they’re loving it.

Kids And Booze: Major Problems with Minor Offenders

Four out of five San Diego young people under 21 drink some alcohol. What are we doing to confront this sobering issue?
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9 Reasons You Need a Better Barber

Get the look and service you deserve at this East Village salon

Enter a Drawing You Could Actually Win

There are more than 1,700 prizes in the Dream House Raffle
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Most Popular

  1. The Oceanside Revolution
    The North County city has gone from an all-but annexed coastal town by Camp Pendelton to a thriving bed of culinary and artistic success.
  2. The Best of San Diego 2017
    Tacos, pasta, cocktails, spa treatments, and cool craft workshops—we’ve got 99 of the top picks in food, drink, fitness, beauty, and more
  3. 5 Places to Watch the Solar Eclipse in San Diego
    But safety first — don’t forget your eclipse viewing glasses!
  4. What to Drink at Hundred Proof
    Trust’s sister restaurant keeps the focus on approachable cocktails
  5. First Look: Born & Raised
    Everyone said don't do a steakhouse. So the damn kids at Consortium Holdings did with Born & Raised—to the tune of seven million bucks.
  6. Will Weed Smoke Out Restaurants?
    New investment trends are creating challenges for local restaurateurs — for now
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