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John Keddie'sRiches from Rags

Edited by Julia Beeson

JOHN KEDDIEíS T-SHIRT BUSINESS relies on two basic fashion tenets: Vintage shirts never go out of style, and sometimes a sense of humor is the best accessory. His company, Vintage Vantage, was born out of his love of vintage T-shirts. Working out of
his Ocean Beach studio apartment, Keddie, 27, shopped area thrift stores for the best T-shirt finds, which he'd then post for sale on eBay.

"With an interest in art and all these old T-shirts lying around, I started working on my own concepts, and the resulting line of original T-shirts has become our core business," says Keddie, who later moved the operation to a Miramar warehouse where he now employs four others, full-time. One of their tongue-in-cheek original designs - with the words "AWARD-WINNING WIFE" written across the front - was spotted on tabloid media darling Britney Spears, pre-divorce. Other loyal customers include college students and Gen-Yers, enthusiastic participants in the offbeat contests Keddie hosts on (One current contest: A re-creation of the Britney look, snapped on film, complete with aforementioned shirt, miniature dog and that just-rolled-out-of-bed look, garners contestants two free T-shirts.)

From a $5,200 1952 T-shirt to the "TV: MORE FUN THAN HOMEWORK" original design ($22.50), Vintage Vantage caters to both the connoisseur and the curious. As the site explains, "Some of these shirts are ultra-rare museum-quality pieces, and are priced accordingly. The rest are just mind-bogglingly awesome." Vintage Vantage shirts are sold at major retailers such as Urban Outfitters and hundreds of boutiques (such as The River in Pacific Beach).

a man playing blackjackHit Me

CASINO HABITUES KNOW hands of blackjack pit individuals against the house. Not each other. Casual players often root for one another, and cheer their neighbor's hit that draws a 21. Looks like those days of congeniality are over. Get ready for the Ultimate Blackjack Tour.

The UBT is a series of tournaments in which players compete against the house, and each other. Contestants can get knocked out if they bet too much - and may get eliminated if they bet too little. Lady Luck still rules, but now strategy (somewhat like a Texas Hold-Em poker game plan) comes into play.

CBS televises UBT tournaments on weekends. In 2007, the biggest payday will be taped at Barona Casino. The East County Indian gaming site will host five big-money tournaments leading up to a $3 million payout finale at the end of the year. The winner nets a cool million.

The "Road to Barona" kicked off December 1-3, with an invitation-only tournament. Name entrants from the gambling/entertainment worlds include actress Jennifer Tilly, poker shark Annie Duke and singer Dave Matthews (sans his band). Entry fee for tournaments starting January 19, April 17, June 8, September 10 and November 27 is $550. For more information, call 877-737-4847.
--Ron Donoho

Through the Resolving Door

IT HAPPENS EVERY YEAR. The big, glittering orb descends on Times Square, igniting our resolve to tackle those idealistic goals we put off until the start of the new year. Lose 10 pounds; quit smoking; detox from the Crackberry. Or if youíre among a sampling of well-known San Diegans we polled: Learn to play the banjo; kick the addiction to Matlock reruns; hire a counterfeiter to solve the city's financial mess. From politicos to media personalities, San Diegans have their work cut out for them in 2007. Here, glimpse the future in San Diego Magazine's own crystal - though not Swarovski - ball.

Mayor Jerry Sanders

With apologies to David Letterman: 10. Hold at least two press conferences for every one City Attorney Mike Aguirre holds. 9. Instead of council meetings on City TV . . . reruns of CHiPs. 8. No more prank calls or "punking" Aguirre during the week. 7. Appointments to boards and commissions will now take place at "tribal council." 6. Make friends with everyone at Fitch, Moody's and S&P. They are such a cool group. 5. Override my wife Ranaís veto for the Magnum, P.I. mustache Iíve always wanted. 4. Finally accept that Dancing with the Stars invitation. 3. Sign Kroll to another "short-term" contract. 2. Have David Gilmour and Roger Waters (of Pink Floyd) write the official city song. 1. Start playing the Mega Millions lottery. Hey, we gotta pay off that debt somehow.

State Senator Christine Kehoe

Most politicians make promises they know they can't keep. My New Year's resolutions are things I absolutely promise not to do in 2007: o Sign up my district office staff as a team in this summer's Over-the-Line tournament. o Skip voting on the state budget so I can take batting practice with Jake Peavy at Petco Park. o Demand that MTS repaint the Hillcrest buses in rainbow colors. o Author a bill to move Lindbergh Field to Coronado's Silver Strand. o Ask City Attorney Mike Aguirre to negotiate peace between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

San Diego City Councilmember Toni Atkins

I really, really intend to learn to play the banjo this year. I was supposed to learn to play "This Land Is Your Land" so I could jam with Chris Kehoe, who plays guitar, but I'm behind!

91X radio deejay Chris Cantore of Cantore in the Morning

I strive to drop 35-40 pounds by summer. Since my son Nico's birth, I haven't been able to drop my pregnancy sympathy weight. I'm told women burn 500- 600 calories a day breastfeeding. Although I have them, I cannot take advantage of such benefits. Kirstie Alley shall be my inspiration. If she can parade around in a bikini on Oprah, I can set a goal to appear on the cover of San Diego Magazine without a shirt on.

San Diego Chargers linebacker Shaun Phillips

Bring a Super Bowl championship to San Diego. Get Hef to offer me a permanent residence at the Playboy Mansion.

NBC 7/39 traffic reporter Alicia Barnes

A lot of people don't know, but I struggle with a strong addiction to the TV show Matlock. My DVR records four episodes a day. I plan on cutting it down to two episodes a day in 2007.

Fox6 reporter Christina Russo

o Convince the Fox6 brass that Fox in the Morning will look much better while being delivered from an in-studio hot tub. o Stop using Channel 8's Natasha Stenbock's name as my own when visiting strip clubs. o Stop drinking wine in the shower. o Chase Kassim Osgood to whatever city the Chargers end up in next season. (The restraining order should expire by then.) o Do more breast-increasing exercises. I'm telling you right now, it's going to work this year.

NBC 7/39 traffic reporter Kimberly King, host of Streetside San Diego

Get Will Ferrell on Streetside San Diego to discuss "Who's the bigger deal around here?"

San Diego City Councilmember Ben Hueso

o Environment: With the passage of Proposition C, we can employ farm animals such as goats to graze on the mold and mildew infesting the walls of City Hall. o Budget: Hire a counterfeiter to print enough money to solve the cityís financial problems. o Risk Management: Find a way to afford a life insurance policy that would cover me in case City Hall falls down.

KGTV Channel 10 news anchor Bill Griffith

I resolve to lead a better life;
To be much kinder to my wife;
To spend more time in prayer and study;
Spoil my grandkids, make a buddy.
Support my colleagues at 10News
Be the man whoíll not refuse
To do a favor, lend a hand,
And do my best to understand.
To try to speak the truth in love,
To always thank the Lord above
That I've had these years to celebrate.
Now I just pray I'll see '08.

San Diego City Attorney Michael Aguirre

As the independently elected city attorney, I promise that I will do my best to keep these New Year's resolutions, but if they are not in the best interests of our city and taxpayers, I'll save these reforms for next year. o On the first day of the new year, I am going to dust off and read one of the 277 copies of How To Win Friends and Influence People that have flooded my mailbox. o I will resist the temptation to say, "I told you so," to anyone within the first 30 days of the new year. o I pledge not to criticize the Union-Tribune in my blog for at least a day. o I will do more outreach with our city councilmembers . . . maybe we can start a bowling team called "Full Disclosure." o  I resolve to give Arthur Levitt and Mark Fabiani first dibs on cochairing my reelection committee. o Instead of working out four hours a day, I will meditate in silence.

Photo credit: Chris Cantore: Gary Payne; Kimberly King: Laura Hansen; Mike Aguirre: Sergio Fernandez

The Insider

Tiger Woods It's a bird! It's a plane! It's golf great Tiger Woods freefalling at 120 miles per hour in the skies over Jamul. He made 25-plus jumps with Skydive San Diego during a recent visit. So why is Woods - with a net worth of $295 million - jumping out of a plane (more than once)? He was pursuing his solo accelerated freefall certification; he also enrolled in the A license coaching program. Back on terra firma, Woods worked out at L.A. Fitness and dined on teriyaki chicken, assorted sushi and seaweed salad at Yokozuna's Sushi Bar & Islander Grill.

Hip-hop mogul Sean Combs - a.k.a. Diddy - landed in San Diego to promote his new album, Press Play. He spoke to Chula Vista High School students about the importance of education before heading to Dave & Buster's in Mission Valley for a promo event.

Swimming great, two-time Olympic gold medalist and world-record holder Amanda Beard took a breather from training for the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing to visit with young swimmers at the North Coast Aquatics Swim-A-Thon. After signing autographs, Beard took in the action at a Total Combat cage fight at the iPay-One Center.

Kelly Carlson Actress Kelly Carlson (Nip/Tuck) rolled into Camp Pendleton for the premiere of The Marine, a feature film in which she costars with wrestling entertainer John Cena.

Local chef-turned-reality TV celeb Frank Terzoli (Top Chef, season two) hosted a premiere event for the show at a private residence in Point Loma. Follow Terzoli, executive chef at Delicias in Rancho Santa Fe and nicknamed "Frankie the Bull" by his Top Chef counterparts, each Wednesday at 10 p.m. on Bravo.

Robin Williams and Rudy Garcia-Tolson Robin Williams and David James Elliott (JAG, Close to Home) visited La Jolla Shores to play their part in the San Diego Triathlon Challenge, benefiting the Challenged Athletes Foundation. Williams is an avid cyclist and has been involved for nine years with the local nonprofit, which raises money to help people with physical disabilities pursue an active lifestyle. He enjoys the relay's cycling leg through North County and Torrey Pines State Reserve. As for Elliott, a recent bike crash left him on the sidelines to cheer on the athletes.

Photo Credit: Tiger Woods: Brevin Blach; Amanda Beard: Dan Herrick/zuma Press; Kelly Carlson: Scott Weiner/Zuma Press; Robin williams/Rudy Garcia-Tolson: Rich Cruise Photography

Audio Gallery

CAN'T WAIT for this month's reopening of the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego's downtown location? The museum's "Poem Lines on Phone Lines" feeds your art fix in the interim. How it works: Dial MCASDís 858-454-3541, extension 9, and listen to poems and "experimental literature" read by members of Tijuanaand San Diego-based La Linea (The Line), a binational feminist collective of women writers, artists and theorists founded in 2002. "Poem Lines on Phone Lines" is offered through March.

the cover of a bookNo Swan Song

NEW SAN DIEGO CHILDREN'S BOOK PUBLISHER Red Cygnet Press is helping the careers of young author/ artists take flight. The company, whose name signifies a baby swan, forms partnerships with college art departments around the country, invites students to submit proposals for childrenís books, and publishes the best of the bunch. "It's kind of like American Idol for children's book illustrators," says Red Cygnet cofounder and president Bruce Glassman, a 20-year veteran of the childrenís book-publishing business. "I had always wanted to create a company that could tap into underutilized resources - in this case, the talent of America's best art schools." The company has published eight titles so far; 20 are planned for 2007. Books are available for purchase at major wholesalers, retail outlets and the company Web site (

--Valerie Jennison

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