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Pink Elephant


location > 3829 30th Street, North Park
phone > 619-564-7194
web site > barpinkelephant.com

BREAK OUT without breaking the bank at this posh North Park find. The Pink Elephant redefines “neighborhood bar” (think all the perks of a dive bar without the dirty bathroom). With jukebox jams and a cash-only bar, patrons can find cheap drinks and a well-rounded beer selection.

VIBE: The dimly lit bar attracts hipsters, garage-band kings and their posses. Small and dark, the bar has a mellow demeanor, a forthcoming clientele and sociable bartenders. Amiable and casual in dress, Pink Elephant patrons are a jumble of regulars and laid-back locals looking for a place to throw a few back, socialize and play some pool (or pinball).

DÉCOR: A prominent neon pink sign beckons bar patrons to enter this heffalump-inspired world, welcomed by glowing elephant wall coverings. Painted bubbles decorate the dark walls, while hanging bubbles surround the U-shaped bar. Old-school booths slightly illuminated by glowing lights give a VIP effect, while a small room behind the bar houses pool tables.

EATS & DRINKS: Satisfy your sweet tooth with a Carmel Appletini, a masterful mixture of vodka, butterscotch and apple pucker. For those seeking a more exotic concoction, the Sneaky Tiki does the trick. It’s packed with coconut rum, almond liqueur, sweet-and-sour and fruit juice. The exotic beer selection and low prices will have you in a frenzy. A man next to me at the bar ordered a Fat Tire and a Skyy vodka martini. The grand total: $9. And no, it wasn’t during Happy Hour.

MISCELLANEOUS: Live bands (local and touring) are frequently featured. In light of the limited space at the bar, weekends at the Pink Elephant can be hectic.