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The Ultimate Dining Guide 2005


IT’S TIME TO SINK YOUR TEETH into our annual guide to San Diego’s best restaurants. After tabulating thousands of ballots from our readers, and calling on our senior food critic for his picks, we bring you a comprehensive list of the region’s greatest gustatory experiences. For more information on any winner, see our dining listings, beginning on page 164.

But that’s just the appetizer. Also on our expanded menu this month: Thomas K. Arnold leads a tastetempting tour of San Diego’s hottest new dining neighborhood, Little Italy. David Nelson hoists a few at three of the city’s more inviting bars—seafood bars, that is, where you’ll meet the most mouthwatering crustaceans in these parts. And to wash it all down, our resident oenologist, Tom Gable, explores the wine lists of dozens of local restaurants developing national reputations for their noteworthy collections.


Most Popular

  1. Secret San Diego
    Psst! You didn’t hear it from us, but this town has all kinds of "hidden gems" (yes, we said it). And we’re not talking ghost stories at the Hotel Del.
  2. FIRST LOOK: Bottega Americano
    With Bottega Americano opening this weekend, Downtown gets its first gourmet food hall
  3. FIRST LOOK: Fairweather
    Anthony Schmidt tackles "sunny" vacation drinks at Downtown's new patio bar
  4. The Baja Moment
    In eight short years, Baja’s gone from a virtual dead zone to one of the globe’s top food and drink destinations. Now what?
  5. INCOMING: Duke's
    Iconic Top of the Cove restaurant location gets new life
  6. Wake Up And Smell the Coffee
    As American coffee culture moves past the nonfat vanilla lattes toward a more elevated brew, San Diego is right on trend


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