The Best Show about Nothing


Jerry Seinfeld, emerging from the shadows of TV seasons past, visits San Diego to amuse audiences with his ability to joke about the inanities in life that really mean, well, nothing.

The Seinfeldseries marked a time when sitcoms rather than uninspired reality shows ruled the airways, and Thursday nights were reserved for laughing about such Seinfeld topics as close talkers and mimbos. It was honored with multiple Emmys, Golden Globes and an SAG award, and remains a hit in prime-time syndication. As the show’s title character returns to his stand-up roots, he’s sure to continue the signature comedy that took him to the top, but with new twists that include marriage, fatherhood and political affairs. (Aug. 14 at 7 & 9:30, Civic Theatre, Third Ave. & B St., 619-570- 1100;

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