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Watch the Clock

Like bifocals, the odometer and fire departments, daylight savings time is a Benjamin Franklin invention. Occasionally, people complain about this semiannual ritual of time change. But our unscientific poll found most San Diegans are more than happy to lose an hour of sleep in favor of sunnier summer evenings.

A whopping 94 percent of people surveyed at the downtown Ralphs grocery store, University Towne Centre shopping mall and in downtown Encinitas say they have no objection to clock switching. “It’s a simple and easy way to get more from our sun,” says Jackie Hulse, 28, of Encinitas. “The days are longer, which means more time for sun at the beach.”

Given a multiple-choice test, nearly two-thirds of poll respondents picked the correct date to “spring forward”—the first Sunday in April (this year, April 7). The impetus for changing the clocks is to make better use of daylight, and 77 percent knew Ben Franklin conceived the idea. But while the populace seems enlightened about the practice, we make no prediction on how many will still oversleep on April 8.

Man-On-The-Street Poll

When do we set our clocks an hour ahead for daylight savings time?
a. The first Sunday in April 62%
b. The last Sunday in April 29%
c. The first Sunday in May 5%
d. The last Sunday in May 4%

Who came up with the idea of DST?
a. Ronald Reagan 0%
b. George Washington 2%
c. Benjamin Franklin 77%
d. Theodore Roosevelt 21%

When DST begins on the first Sunday in April, are you more:
a. Glad it stays light longer in the evening 94%
b. Mad you lose an hour of sleep 6%
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