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Your Civic Duty: Sip Local

Our Mayor makes the case for drinking local craft brews

Photo by Via sandiego.gov

Like many San Diegans, you probably think my job is all fun and glamour—negotiating pension reform, addressing deferred maintenance backlogs, solving budget deficits. Not true. I also get to sit in on a lot of briefings. If you haven’t listened to an hour-long briefing on municipal financial-management software implementation, believe me: You don’t know what you’re missing.

On Wednesday, other duties called. I headed to Green Flash Brewing Co. to join their founders and a brewer from Ballast Point Brew & Spirits and others from the local craft beer industry to proclaim June to be “Craft Beer Month” in the city of San Diego.

I talked about the economic impact of craft brewing in San Diego—how craft brewers and their suppliers were expanding their production, creating jobs and putting San Diego on the map internationally as a center for great craft beers. 

Ballast Point’s Colby Chandler pointed out that, at the last World Beer Cup Festival, San Diego brewers took home more awards than entire nations known for their craft beers – Belgium, Germany, Denmark.

But San Diego’s prominence in the craft beer world and our growing international reputation isn’t as widely known as it should be here at home. Craft Beer Month in San Diego aims to change that by encouraging those who plan to enjoy high-quality beer to buy local.

We chose June because there are so many events surrounding craft beer this month. There are some great ways to sample San Diego creations, starting with the opening of Green Flash’s tasting room at their new Mira Mesa facility on June 1 and continuing through the month.

June 4: "Taste of San Diego Microbrews," San Diego History Center (Balboa Park), 7 to 10 p.m.

June 10-12: San Diego Beer Weekend. Start off at the Beer Hall at The Lodge At Torrey Pines on June 10 at 7 p.m.

June 16-18: National Home Brewers Conference at the Town and Country Resort

June 18: Grand opening of Mission Brewery at 1441 L St. downtown, 1 p.m.

June 24-26: San Diego International Beer Festival at the San Diego County Fair

You don’t have to come out to an event to try local craft beer. Dozens of San Diego restaurants pride themselves on serving local brews from Alesmith, Ballast Point or Green Flash Brewing Co. And you can’t go a block in North Park without finding a restaurant that takes it a step further, making local craft beer an integral part of the dining experience. And of course, there also are Karl Strauss, Mission Brewery and San Diego Brewing Co. if you want to enjoy your craft beer right at the source. 

The craft beer industry is a source of pride for San Diego, and it’s good for the local economy. Long story short: If you’re going to enjoy a high-quality beer, drink local. It’s your civic duty.

(I shouldn’t have to say it, but I will: Encouraging you to get your craft beer from local producers isn’t suggesting it’s OK to go get behind the wheel drunk or otherwise behave like an idiot. Drink your San Diego craft beer responsibly, please.)

-  Jerry Sanders



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