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Meet Marco Bicego

See the jewelry designer's latest collection

On Thursday, April 12, world-renowned jewelry designer, Marco Bicego will be at Neiman Marcus Fashion Valley showcasing the latest from his 2012 collection. Since 2000, his colorful and one-of-a-kind pieces have been gracing the ears, fingers and necklines of women all over the world. Stop by Neiman Marcus between 11 AM and 3 PM to meet the designer and treat yourself to some new bling. 

Marco Bicego Jewelry Designer at Neiman Marcus

TL: What inspired your latest collection?

Marco Bicego Goa Tri Colore Ring

MB: For spring/summer 2012 I’ve introduced our new Jaipur Sunset collection which I am really excited about. Beautiful shades of natural stones illuminated by elegant touches of light make up the Jaipur Sunset collection. These pieces are reminiscent of a tropical Indian sunset and a celebration of the Jaipur region’s rich traditions of precious stone carving, featuring an exclusive Marco Bicego faceted cut. The Jaipur Sunset is a contemporary collection that uses traditional elements, such as pronged stone settings, to allow the stones to sparkle with a kaleidoscope of light.

The color and composition of each of the stones within this collection have been hand selected; the detail in every piece of jewelry is the result of meticulous work that includes hand engraving and texturing the gold to give greater depth. The result is a marriage of old-style craftsmanship, contemporary elegance and jewelry that is as versatile as it is precious.

Mini Jaipur Collection
Marco Bicego Mini Jaipur Marco Bicego Mini Jaipur Earrings Marco Bicego Mini Jaipur Necklace   Marco Bicego Mini Jaipur Bracelet

TL: In three words, describe your jewelry.

MB: I can do better and describe it in two words – “Everyday Luxury”

TL: What’s the most rewarding thing about what you do?

MB: I love the design process and interacting with the consumer on the selling floor. When I am designing, I have in mind a dynamic, curious woman, who sees shopping for jewelry in the same light as shopping for handbags, shoes and clothes. My aim is to focus once again on materials and workmanship, as in the past, rather than short-lived fashion fads. I love being able to see the fundamentals of the brand translate into collections on the selling floor and see how our client responds to them.

Since I am so close to the design – from my inspiration to the sketch to the production of each piece – it allows me to connect with the customer on the selling floor on a different level. When a customer holds a piece and tries it on she instantly connects to its ease of wear and fluid design. I have a deep appreciation for my customer and try to create a luxury experience at all levels.

Sapphire Collection
Marco Bicego Sapphire Earrings Marco Bicego Sapphire Earrings Marco Bicego Sapphire Earrings

TL: What is the essential thing for a woman to keep in mind when accessorizing herself?

MB: The more the better, don’t be afraid to layer!  I love a great necklace or two layered. It can transform an outfit and take it from day to night with one simple piece. All of my pieces are meant to be layered and worn together so I say the more the better. I love that a long necklace can be worn a variety of different ways and can be styled based on the client who is wearing it.

Jaipur Sunset Collection
Marco Bicego Jaipur Sunset Earrings Marco Bicego Jaipur Sunset Necklace Marco Bicego Jaipur Sunset Necklace Marco Bicego Jaipur Sunset Earrings

TL: What are you looking forward to when you come to San Diego?

MB: I’m so excited to come to Neiman Marcus San Diego and introduce these new collections to my customers. I love to see how different women respond my jewelry. Our clients love when we push the boundaries from traditional gold pieces to more unique pieces so I think they will be excited to see the translation of the new collections.

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