The Best Things I Ate This Month: April 2014

The Siren at Supernatural Sandwiches, Pork Belly at Jsix, and Kakumi Ramen at Tajima


The Siren at Supernatural Sandwiches
The Siren at Supernatural Sandwiches

The Siren @ Supernatural Sandwiches

Supernatural Sandwiches has been a farmers market staple for the last couple of years, and now they just opened a tiny storefront in Miramar for their “sea to sandwich” concept. The idea is pretty simple, and totally unique. Buy some of the best seafood (a lot of it from Catalina Offshore), add some pan-Asian influences (gochujang hot sauce, etc.) and put the whole ordeal on a sandwich. The siren is especially good, with super-garlicky shrimp and garlic-chive aioli on buttered toast. It’d be wise to cancel any one-on-one business presentations for the rest of the day, on account of the hot garlic wind coming from your mouth. 7094 Miramar Rd. #105, Miramar, 619.356.1992.

Pork Belly at Jsix
Pork Belly at Jsix

Pork Belly @ Jsix

The newly remodeled Jsix looks a lot more of this decade, thank god. I recently ate my way through chef Christian Graves’ menu. Some great stuff (his rainbow beet terrine looks like Ken Kesey is back there cooking). But it was a cheap add-on that absolutely floored me. San Diego’s food scene has absolutely rained pork bellies for the last few years. I’ve had them 365 ways. And Graves’ version—redolent of cloves and anise, topped with a glaze made from its juices—is the best I’ve tasted by a pretty wide margin. It’s especially appealing because you can add it to any dish for $8. Best five-spot-plus you’ll spend this month. 616 J St., Downtown, 619.531.8744.

Kakumi Ramen at Tajima
Kakumi Ramen at Tajima

Kakumi Ramen @ Tajima

Remember those four cold days we had? When we pulled out the instruction manual for our thermostats and stood before it befuddled for hours regardless? I look forward to those days. Gives me an excuse to fight off the inner chill at this little ramen joint on Convoy. The kakuni ramen is stewed pork belly with the traditional soft-boiled egg. Tajima’s got a thick, almost creamy broth compared to other ramen joints. It’ll thaw the frigid. 4411 Mercury St. #110, Kearny Mesa, 858.278.5367.

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