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Food and Drink

Restaurant reviews and food trends in San Diego

Jaguar XKR - The Almost-Perfect Ride

The XKR passes its driving test with flying colors. But it fails when it comes to hair and cup control.

Through the Roof

Residential real estate prices have skyrocketed, but as property values reach record highs, housing affordability has dropped to an all-time low, and the “D-word” —— density——remains a contentious issue.


Defending Amanda May; in defense of the school board; and yet another defense--of Denny's.

What You See and What You Get

A behind-the-scenes look at our magazine's new look. And just who are those so-called "unnamed sources"?

Po Pazzo

Meat me on India Street at Po Pazzo.

Home from the Front

An embedded reporter is home from the Iraqi front--again. Here are his latest thoughts.


San Diego by Design

Station to station, architect Jeff Katz is making a name for his firm in firehouse design.

Front Pages

San Diego's abundant sister cities. plus: Jane Fonda, Andy Dick and Tony Hawk play with Legos; Howard Stern reigns again in San Diego.

Brushing Up

Combined Organization for the Visual Arts and the San Diego Art Institute hold their ninth annual Open Studio Tour, and 50 local artists welcome the public into their studios.

The News that Fits

What geniuses really think of the media; looking forward-- and back--at an infomercial founding father.

Hot Stuff

Wine times; food, football and the Food Bank.

Where Justice is Served

San Diego’s system, first dreamed of by City Attorney Casey Gwinn 15 years ago, has become a national model.

Jessie Knight

Chamber of Commerce head Jessie Knight weighs in on politics, the Chargers and his own future.

Con Artists

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels at play.

Safe at Home?

We took it upon ourselves to evaluate the best and worst neighborhoods to live in when it comes to crime. See how your area ranks on our list of San Diego’s Safest Neighborhoods.

In the Bag

High-flying travel accouterments.

A New Order

Can years of accumulated clutter really be cleared in one day? The team at Away with Clutter tackles the task of turning an overflowing office into an orderly one.

Miles McPherson

Miles McPherson rocks the pulpit.

Cadillac is Cool Again

The Strong-Mayor Contest

As politics retakes the stage, we pose this question to the mayoral contestants: Who deserves to be the city’s main muscle man?