Everyday Eats: Nessie Sandwich at Supernatural Sandwiches

Scoop up some "sea to sandwich" fare at the SD Public Market.

Roaming among fresh produce and pastries at the San Diego Public Market can be hunger-inducing, and while there are free samples galore, sometimes a mini meal of citrus segments and pita dipped in hummus aren't going to cut it. Luckily, there are plenty of prepared food options to quiet a growling stomach, including my current favorite, Supernatural Sandwiches. At the food stand in the Market Hall, Chef Christian Eggert (and crew) transform fresh fish into approachably gourmet sandwiches. He calls it "sea to sandwich" cuisine, while I'm going to go with "magically delicious" -- mostly because even though I'm iffy on fish, the Nessie sandwich ($9) instantly won me over. It's one of the shop's "supernatural seven" -- a collection of fish-centric sandwiches named after mythical sea creatures. Other options include the Neptune (scallops and bacon with spicy aioli), the Kappa (a crab melt with white cheddar), and the Siren, a garlicky shrimp sandwich with taqueria-style hot sauce. All sandwiches are are under $10.

From day to day, the featured fish on the Nessie sandwich changes, and can include anything from yellowtail to sablefish -- all sourced from Catalina Offshore. Sunday's fresh catch was fluke, a white fish with a mild flavor. The flaky filet is sauteed and brushed with the shop's "shinto" glaze (a sweet miso), then topped with marinated tomatoes, lettuce, and a ribbon of citrus aioli. 

All of the components are precisely executed and play well together. The sweet glaze complements the bright, mixed citrus aioli, and the tomato relish brought some crunch and tang. It's a great option for pre- or post-shopping, and so tasty that it's worthy of a visit simply on its own merit.

Supernatural Sandwiches is located in the San Diego Public Market, 1735 National Ave. in Barrio Logan (map). Sandwiches are available during market hours (9 a.m. to 2 p.m., Wednesdays and Sundays)

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