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Behind the Scenes: Photo Shoot with Tony Hawk

The famous skater put down his board and vogued for us


Yesterday, we shot the Tony Hawk for an upcoming issue. Bil Zelman was the photographer (he has shot everyone from Jerry Seinfeld to Taylor Swift). Tony Hawk was so cool, we just had to share some details, as told to us by our Creative Director, Laurie Nicoud.

The set: Tony Hawk's offices in Vista. The offices are bright-colored—one wall is yellow, another bright blue. It has a loft-type feel, a warehouse, and huge skate ramps. We set up the shoot in the middle of a skate ramp.

His people: Everyone that works for Tony has a funky skater vibe. One guy had blue and purple hair. What's really cool is that, while he had a receptionist and office manager, yadda yadda, they didn't stay to micromanage or babysit the shoot. A lot of celebrities have handlers and publicists that like to censor or monitor. But Tony? "They let us have Tony by ourselves."

How he gets around: To travel from Point A to Point B in the office, Tony had a skateboard with him at all times and would just skate. When he and photog Bill Zelman needed to get to the bottom of a giant ramp, instead of taking the stairs down, they just sat on their butts and slid down the ramp.

Hair and makeup: It's called a groomer. No hairspray.

Loot sitting around: A bunch of skateboards were lined up in the office with a list of people he needed to sign them for.

Model skills: Tony was super-friendly and checking Twitter in between shots. Multi-tasker!

What we learned: Tony gave us tips on tweeting. He said to never tweet with a twitter handle first (a tweet that begins with "@." You need at least a space first, otherwise Twitter will think it's a reply and no one will see it unless they are friends with both you and the person you're replying to. Example: He tweeted us...

"Thanks @SanDiegoMag for the most efficient photoshoot ever. Sorry I forgot my 'wardrobe'"

 Awwwww, yeah.

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