How to Be a Pirate

The Natural History Museum brings a historic shipwreck exhibit to San Diego


If Captain Phillips got your pirate sense tingling, look no further than the San Diego Natural History Museum's current exhibit "Real Pirates," which showcases the true story of Whydah, the first fully authenticated shipwreck discovered in U.S. waters. From its origin as a slave ship to its takeover and conversion into a pirate ship in the early 1700s, the exhibition gives visitors a glimpse into the economic, political, and social climate of the early 18th century Caribbean. Chests of gold, silver coins, ancient jewelry—they're all on display until Sept. 1 along with a life-size replica of the ship's stern that visitors can board.

The Whydah model ship
The Whydah model ship
The Whydah stern
The Whydah stern
Pirate gold
Pirate gold
The Whydah bell
The Whydah bell

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