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Meet Miroslav Peric

SD Mag spotlights this local photographer


Joshua Tree
Joshua Tree

Time(s) project
Time(s) project
Time(s) project
Time(s) project
Time(s) project

A quick look at one of the many San Diego Magazine photographers and what they're working on right now. We discovered Miroslav's stunning Joshua Tree photos during our photo research for the Weekend Getaway feature in our July issue.

I'm from... Born in Yugoslavia, currently lives in Los Angeles, California, 150 miles from Jumbo Rocks in Joshua Tree. Spends an hour and a half daily driving. Both facts have an important role in my photographic work.

When did you start taking photos... Received first camera (an old Altix IV) from my father at age of fourteen.

To me, photography is... an ability (given as a natural talent or acquired through consistent practice) to see things around us, not only to look at. To see relationships between objects, the delicate play of light and shadow, the importance of discrete detail in the overall picture, and the constant change of these relationships over time. Each  photo is an absolute personal experience of reality. Each of us has a peculiar result of the “seen”. When such a result is “framed” in our memory, we get the picture. It may not be objectively real but in the end, everyone has their own “reality”. The camera only helps us to reconstruct each image. Few of my best photos, I have “recorded” without a camera. Some of those taken traditional way, registered on film or memory card, are on this site.

I'm currently shooting... I am not a professional photographer, but occasionally I take photographic assignments and sell my images. I'm structural engineer who works as building designer. Photography is my first choice in life, and second profession.

A personal project I'm working on is... Series of photographs about time(s). Conceptual project that analyzes the results of overlapping different timelines. Understanding of photography not as a frozen moment, but as a result of the flow of time that was needed to record the images. Now I sound too serious, but my approach is entirely emotional.

My favorite thing to shoot in San Diego is... Balboa Park.

Favorite destination to photograph... Deserts of California and of course Joshua Tree (see his photos of Joshua Tree used in our Weekend Getaways feature, here)

Your favorite photo you've ever shot... Depends on the moment. I'm not emotionally attached to my photos. I am emotionally attached to the moments in which some of them are created.

What inspires me... Ordinary human stories... music... light and shadow...

What I like about shooting in Joshua Tree... Unique natural beauty and the real power of time. Human life is just a flash. Short swing of butterfly wings.

To see more photography of Joshua Tree and others from the "Time(s)" project, visit Miroslav Peric's website http://gentleshadow.com/.

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