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Meet 'the Grinch’s' Pint-Sized Stars

An interview with the two Cindy-Lou Whos from Dr. Seuss’ 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas!' at the Old Globe

Photo by Doug Gates

Seven-year-olds Taylor Coleman and Gabriella Dimmick are currently starring as Cindy-Lou Who in the 16th annual production of Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas! at the Old Globe. Meet the talented young actresses who are softening the heart of that mean old Grinch—along with the rest of San Diego.  

San Diego Magazine: How long have you been performing?
Taylor Coleman: Like one time.
SDM: One time?
TC: This is my first time.

SDM: What about you, Gabriella?
Gabriella Dimmick: Since I was 4.
SDM: What kinds of shows have you been in?
GD: Well, I’ve done The Nutcracker at California Ballet. And I’ve done The Sound of Music. And I was Gretel.

SDM: How did you become such a good singer?
TC: My mom taught me.
SDM: How?
TC: She once was a singer.
SDM: Oh really?
TC: She taught me a song for the audition.
SDM: What song?
TC: “The Rainbow Connection.”
SDM: Oh, that’s a pretty song.
TC: Thank you.

Taylor Coleman as Cindy-Lou Who (Photo by Jim Cox) 

SDM: Are you more of a singer or a dancer?
GD: Well. Um. I take both.
SDM: How did you get so good?
GD: Well, I just did my best.
SDM: Do you take lessons?
GD: Yeah, I take voice lessons. And Junior Theatre classes.

SDM: What’s the best part of being Cindy-Lou Who?
TC: That I get to sing a song by myself.
GD: Well, I think because main characters always have this special part. And I get to sing “Santa for a Day.”

SDM: Do you get nervous when you have to sing all by yourself?
TC: No.
GD: No. It’s actually pretty fun, because we get to perform by ourselves in front of a ton of people. It’s really fun.

SDM: Is there anything that’s hard about being CindyLou Who?
TC: Yes.
SDM: What is it?
TC: It’s my hair.
SDM: Your hair?
TC: It’s when my mom curls my hair.
SDM: And why is that hard?
TC: Because I have to sit still for a really long time.

SDM: What about you, Gabriella?
GD: No.
SDM: Really? You like it all?
GD: Yeah, because once you’re on stage you don’t have anything you don’t like.

Gabriella Dimmick as Cindy-Lou Who (Photo by Jim Cox)

SDM: What’s your favorite part of the show?
TC: The bedroom scene, when I think the Grinch is Santa Claus.
SDM: And what do you like about that scene?
TC: I get to snuggle with him.
GD: “Watchama-who.”
SDM: Say what?
GD: It’s a song. And it’s the Grinch’s nightmare. We make a lot of noise and it’s really fun. And we tickle him and everything.

SDM: Is the guy that plays the Grinch [Steve Blanchard] grouchy in real life?
TC: NO! (giggles)
GD: He’s like the nicest person I’ve ever met.

SDM: Do you ever get tired doing all that singing and dancing?
GD: Well, sort of. Because I sort of get tired because I have never-ending energy.
SDM: Are you tired when the show is over?
GD: Sort of. I still have a bit of energy left to like maybe laugh until I go to sleep.
SDM: Do you go to bed right after the show?
GD: Yeah.

SDM: How do you balance school and the show schedule?
GD: I usually start my homework in the morning.
SDM: Is it hard to do it all?
GD: Not really.

SDM: What do you want to be when you grow up?
TC: A doctor. And an actress.
SDM: Wow. Those both sound like really good things to be.
TC: Thank you.
GD: It’s really weird but I want to be a dentist who cleans people’s teeth. It’s really weird, but that’s what I want to be when I grow up.
SDM: Are you good about brushing your teeth?
GD: Mm hm. I just brushed them this morning. And I also floss!

SDM: Are you excited for Christmas?
GD: Yeah. I’m very excited. But I don’t really know what I want for Christmas, because I’m too young for what I really want.
SDM: And what’s that?
GD: An iPhone.
SDM: An iPhone? Why do you want an iPhone?
GD: I don’t know. I guess it’s cause I could play games on it. And take pictures. And it would entertain me if I had to wait a long time, just like it entertains everybody.

Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas plays through December 28. For tickets, visit theoldglobe.org.